Collection: Velvet Decor

Velvet Decor Vibrators collection, Our discrete and modern design, range of personal massager are made of super lux velvety soft silicone with no plastic pats, Convex design.

These vibrators are small, quiet and offer an intense level of vibration for its size. The slim design is ideal for first time and experienced users who desire a discreet vibrator that is not only quiet but can be hidden away easily. The soft silicone is body safe and easy to clean. The Velvet Decor Vibrators are waterproof.

How to choose vibrator?

Do you like clitoral stimulation? G-spot stimulation? Both? Do you want a vibrator that can be used externally or internally?Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start narrowing down your options. Consider the size, shape, and design of the vibrator. Some vibrators are designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, while others are better for G-spot stimulation.

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