self spanking story

self spanking story

There are a lot of different ways that people can enjoy self spanking stories. For some people, it is a way to get sexually aroused. They may enjoy the sensation of spanking themselves or they may enjoy the feeling of being submissive. For others, self spanking is a way to relieve stress or tension. It can be a way to explore their kinky side in a safe and consensual way.

Self spanking can be done with the hands, a paddle, a whip, or any other type of implement that can safely deliver a spanking. It is important to start slow and build up to more intense spankings. It is also important to warm up the area that will be spanked before starting. This can be done by massaging the area or by using a heating pad.

When delivering a self spanking, it is important to keep the strokes consistent. This means avoiding any sudden or jerky movements that could cause pain or injury. It is also important to focus on the area that is being spanked. This will help to maximize the sensation.
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