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A foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.

Feet are often considered to be sexually attractive and foot fetishists may enjoy touching, massaging, licking, kissing, or smelling their own or someone else's feet. Socks, shoes, and other footwear may also be considered sexually attractive.

Some people have a fetish for a specific type of foot, such as bare feet, high heels, or long toes. Foot fetishists may also enjoy seeing feet in certain types of footwear, such as boots or sandals.

Foot fetishism is believed to be a predominantly male interest, but women can also be foot fetishists.

There is no single cause of foot fetishism. Some people may be interested in feet because they find them aesthetically pleasing, while others may associate feet with a particular body part or type of person.

Foot fetishism is not considered to be a harmful or dangerous interest. However, people with a foot fetish may be at risk of developing an obsession or becoming fixated on a particular person's feet.

If you think you may have a foot fetish, there is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed. Many people have sexual interests that are considered to be outside the mainstream. The important thing is to make sure that your interest does not cause you or someone else distress or harm.


1. Foot worship – This is when someone is sexually aroused by kissing, massaging, licking, and/or sniffing feet.

2. Toe sucking – This is when someone is sexually aroused by sucking on toes.

3. Footjobs – This is when someone is sexually aroused by using their feet to stimulate a partner’s genitals.

4. Foot fetishes – This is when someone is sexually aroused by feet, whether it be the sight, smell, taste, or feel of feet.

5. Podophilia – This is when someone is sexually aroused by feet that are deformed, disfigured, or have deformities.

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