Autoblow is a sex toy for men that simulates the feeling of oral sex. It is a plastic cylinder that you insert your penis into and it has a sleeve that is made of soft, stretchy material. The sleeve has ridges and nubs that massage and stimulate your penis as you move it up and down. There is also a motor in the base of the toy that vibrates the sleeve, giving you an even more realistic experience.

To use the Autoblow, first lube up the sleeve and your penis. Insert your penis into the sleeve and hold the base of the toy with your other hand. Start the motor by pressing the button on the base. Use your hand to move the sleeve up and down your penis. The toy will do most of the work for you, but you can help it along by moving your hand in time with the strokes. When you're ready to finish, turn off the motor and remove your penis from the sleeve.

The Autoblow is a great way to get some hands-free pleasure. It's also a good option if you're looking for a toy to use with your partner. The sleeve is large enough to accommodate most penis sizes, and the motor is powerful enough to give you a satisfying experience.
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