24/7 submassive

24/7 submassive

A submissive is someone who enjoys giving up control to their partner in a BDSM context. They may enjoy being told what to do, being restrained, or being made to feel powerless. For many submissives, the experience is about surrendering to their partner and letting go of all responsibility. This can be a highly erotic and freeing experience.

There are many different ways to be submissive in BDSM. Some people enjoy being physically restrained, while others enjoy mental games or tasks that make them feel submissive. Many submissives enjoy wearing special clothing or uniforms that signify their submission. And some submissives enjoy engaging in specific sexual activities that their partner enjoys.

Whatever form it takes, being submissive can be a highly satisfying experience for those who enjoy it. If you're interested in exploring your submissive side, talk to your partner about your desires and boundaries. Together, you can find creative ways to bring your fantasies to life.
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